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The Grafters Club is a charitable fund administered by the Newcastle Healthcare Charity (Reg. 502473).

All funds are raised through voluntary donations from:

~ Families and friends of patients

~ Members of the public

~ Grant-making trusts and organisations

~ Companies' charitable donations

How you can help us


Individuals wishing to raise funds for the Grafters Club should contact the Charity Fund Office (0191 213 7235) where help and assistance in organising the event will be provided. Please note that prior permission to use the hospitals name or the Grafters Club in any fundraising event is required as this allows the charity to monitor fundraising activities held in its name. Whilst we actively encourage individuals to fundraise on behalf of the Grafters Club, we wish to ensure that the individuals receive the appropriate advice on current fundraising legislation and are given support.

A number of local companies offer a Matched Giving Scheme to its employees who fundraise for a registered charity. This can often increase the sums raised by as much as 50%. Please take advantage of this facility if it is available, as it provides the charity with valuable support.


Make an individual donation or set up a regular * standing order payment. (* Contact the Charity Fund Office 0191 223 1434 for the appropriate form.) An individual donation form can be down loaded here. Remember to make full use of the Gift Aid Scheme as this makes your contribution go even further!

Donate Online

Newcastle Healthcare Charity has teamed up with Justgving.com to provide an online donation service. You can donate online to The Grafters Club, using your credit/debit card, at www.justgiving.com/thegraftersclub .